Before I met Natalie , I was so lost. I felt absolutely powerless and out of control due to my Complex PTSD. 


It had been years since I had any desire to feel pretty but then you (Natalie) gave me a Pink Bag and we had just only met! At first I was unwilling to use any of the products but then I told myself to suck it up buttercup and give each product a try. After using each product, I felt more alive than I have ever felt! My skin felt renewed and my pores were able to breathe. I felt re-born.


This experience made me take a step back and take a hard look on my life and how I wanted to present myself. I felt like I was going nowhere and then all of a sudden I felt as if I could conquer anything that anyone threw at me. I felt PRETTY and the fact that somebody I hardly knew just gave me this beautiful pink bag and told me to believe and always keep an open mind & heart!


I thought that if someone that hardly knew me cared so much about my happiness, me being healthy and my hygiene, then WHY shouldn't I ?! This lady, Natalie saved my life! She saved me from drowning myself and saved me from destroying my beautiful girls future. Not only did I get turned around and I am now shining brighter than EVER but so are my girls!!


Now I am able to see how I want to present myself everyday and how I also want to carry myself. How I present and carry myself affects my girls and I want them to have the best out of life and be the best version of myself! 

Thank you Natalie for believing in me and seeing something in me I did not see myself!

Love, Jennifer


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