Before I met Natalie , I was so lost. I felt absolutely powerless and out of control due to my Complex PTSD. 


It had been years since I had any desire to feel pretty but then you (Natalie) gave me a Pink Bag and we had just only met! At first I was unwilling to use any of the products but then I told myself to suck it up buttercup and give each product a try. After using each product, I felt more alive than I have ever felt! My skin felt renewed and my pores were able to breathe. I felt re-born.


This experience made me take a step back and take a hard look on my life and how I wanted to present myself. I felt like I was going nowhere and then all of a sudden I felt as if I could conquer anything that anyone threw at me. I felt PRETTY and the fact that somebody I hardly knew just gave me this beautiful pink bag and told me to believe and always keep an open mind & heart!


I thought that if someone that hardly knew me cared so much about my happiness, me being healthy and my hygiene, then WHY shouldn't I ?! This lady, Natalie saved my life! She saved me from drowning myself and saved me from destroying my beautiful girls future. Not only did I get turned around and I am now shining brighter than EVER but so are my girls!!


Now I am able to see how I want to present myself everyday and how I also want to carry myself. How I present and carry myself affects my girls and I want them to have the best out of life and be the best version of myself! 

Thank you Natalie for believing in me and seeing something in me I did not see myself!

Love, Jennifer

In the times that no one on earth ever hopes for, you find out who your real friends are in your life. I am a survivor of domestic violence. That time came for me and I was left with nothing but my personal belongings. Being forced out and stuffing all my belongings into my car in order to go stay with my family in another state. 

Before my great Exodus was probably the toughest of all, my mental state was at it's worse. The two people that were there the most were Natalie & her boyfriend Brad. They made sure to check on me daily. They also made sure I was eating and they made me fee cared for and safe. These two saw me to my next launch.

Briefly after I arrived at my families home I received a good size box delivered to me!!! It was from The Pink Bag's, from Natalie. I opened the box eagerly and to my surprise the most thoughtful items had been placed in the box just for me!! Having had to leave so abruptly i did not have personal items like what was in my box ( toiletries, make up, hair brush, make up brushes and even notebooks with a pen!!)

I felt so happy and cared for!! Thank you Natalie & Brad from my deepest gratitude of ALL the love and support!

I love you two ALWAYS!!