Topanga Women's Circle comes to aid homeless families

Topanga Women's Circle is committed to making a difference to homeless families as they move into transitional housing, by enhancing their lives at a crucial time. They are given a sense of dignity and self-worth.

Topanga Women's Circle is an organization in Topanga, California, of volunteer women who help the neediest of families by furnishing their new home with the little necessities we take for granted. By providing new and like-new items, they help create an environment of comfort, warmth, and dignity.

The need in Los Angeles is great! There are over 8,000 homeless families and many more teetering on the brink of becoming homeless. Most of the single women who are also mother's, are survivor's of domestic abuse.

Topanga Women's Circle moves right into action once the email or phone call comes in for a family in need. The volunteers immediately take action to gather household items, whether new or like-new. Multiple volunteers gather at the residence to decorate and assemble the necessary items that range from groceries, linens, kitchenware, and special touches. They pull the home together in just a matter of hours. Once the home has been assembled and decorated it is move-in ready for the new family. The home is more than just welcoming, it is designed with compassion and love.

Topanga Women's Circle is a project of Community Partners . They also work in conjunction with the local housing authority and social services.

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