Natalie R. - President / CEO

Natalie founded The " Pink Bag's  in June 2019.

Her mission is simple; to bless fellow women survivors of domestic violence with something tangible that would assist them in beginning to "THRIVE" by providing therapeutic self-care solutions.

 Natalie's vision is too eventually have Pink Ladies in all 50 states, so as many women as possible will be able to receive a Pink Bag.


Natalie lives in Central Arizona with her boyfriend and her 4 daughters.

                                                     Pink Ladies

Are compassionate & kind women who are passionate in helping other women, who have experienced domestic violence, to help them transform their lives through therapeutic self-care solutions

Pink Ladies exemplify the Core Values of this organization! 


"Willow" Dalana C.
 Pink Lady - Executive Assistant

Dalana Joined the " PINK BAG'S in September 2019. 

Dalana's mission is to join Natalie in spreading awareness in regards to the PINK BAG'S in hopes that each and every bag will bless fellow women survivors like herself.


Dalana simply would like to help restore & rebuild women's self-belief so they can keep fighting the good fight, so much needed healing is able to begin to take place.

Dalana lives in Central Massachusetts with her husband & 2 children. Dalana has been free from her abuser for over 14 years and is now a WARRIOR.

"Coco" Corinne D.
 Pink Lady
Coco joined The Pink Bag's in November 2019.
Coco is a very dear friend of Natalie's and witnessed firsthand how Natalie struggled in finding herself once again.
Coco became passionate in helping Natalie heal through a beautiful friendship, with much needed support and encouragement.
Coco's mission is to help as many women as possible begin to "THRIVE"!
Coco believes that each and every Pink Bag will assist women in helping transform their lives.
Coco lives in Central Arizona with her 2 sons.