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“The Pink Bag Initiative”

Inaugural Season


Please join ME, NATALIE, in the Inaugural Season of 

“The Pink Bag Initiative”

that blesses Women Survivors of Domestic Violence.



Each bag is comprised of over 30 Luxury Bath & Beauty Products as well as Beautiful Practical Everyday Items that assist these women along their journey of recovery and healing.


The Pink Bag Initiative was created by Natalie, who herself is A Survivor.


Natalie’s wish is to bless each woman who is currently taking refuge in a shelter with a Pretty Pink Purse that is filled with handpicked items.



You may sponsor a PINK BAG individually or

donate in $5 increments that will be accumulated until it reaches $50. "Pink Bag Product Bundles" are now available to sponsor, each Bundle comprises a bag.


Once the goal of $5 is accumulated or 1 of each product bundle has been sponsored, another bag has been created for yet another Precious Survivor.


The PINK BAGS will be delivered to various shelters throughout Northern Arizona, Central Massachusetts & Southern California on an as-needed basis.


Natalie's vision is to be able to offer The Pink Bags to various Domestic Violence Shelters throughout all 50 states!!



** Please note that if more than 1 individual will be sponsoring a bag, please contact one of us so that we can make sure that payments are processed accordingly.

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