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Please join Me, in the Inaugural Season of 

“The Pink Bag Initiative”

that assists women to begin to 

Each hot pink purse is comprised of over 30 bath & beauty products, as well as beautiful & feminine everyday items that assist these women to begin to "Thrive" by providing therapeutic self-care solutions.


The Pink Bag Initiative was created by Natalie R.


               You may donate towards the creation of a PINK BAG individually or make a donation in $5 increments which will be accumulated until it reaches $75.


The Pink Bags rely solely on the generosity of our donors. We provide each bag at no cost to the client. This is our way of being intentional in helping the women know that they have support and friendship within the communities The Pink Bags arrive at.

Donations toward any of our "Pink Bag Product Bundles" are also now available.


Once the goal of $75 is accumulated or 1 of each product bundle has been sponsored, a new bag has been created!

The Pink Bags will be delivered to various organizations & women's foundations throughout Northern Arizona, Southern California, and Central Massachusetts on an as-needed basis.


Natalie's vision is to be able to offer The Pink Bags to various organizations & foundations which support the enrichment of women's lives throughout the nation!

Following are the list of the Product Bundles that are offered:








The following items in no specific order comprise each Pink Bag:

Purse size 2020 Day planner, Journal, Photo album, Pink Bling Pen, Face cleanser, Face scrub, Face mask, Deodorant, Nail Polish, Pocket sized tissues, Makeup remover wipes, Loofah, Shower gel, Body lotion, Body spray, Mascara, Eyeliner, Compact Pink make-up brushes, Pink glitter mirror, Lip gloss, Lip balm, 2 Make-up bags, Large Pink gemstone key chain, Beautiful bracelet, Large coin purse, Feminine hair brush and pony tail holders, Body polish, Face polish, Face crème, Eye crème, small shampoo & conditioner!!



** Please note that if more than 1 individual will be sponsoring a bag, please contact one of us so that we can make sure that payments are processed accordingly.

Join " THE PINK BAG" Initiative


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